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Sauron defeated! - Журнал человека и толкиниста — ЖЖ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Юлиан Эльфвине

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Sauron defeated! [мар. 25, 2010|03:16 am]
Юлиан Эльфвине
Long live the Halflings! Praise them with great praise!
Cuio i Pheriain anann! Aglar’ni Pheriannath!
Praise them with great praise, Frodo and Samwise!
Daur a Berhael, Conin en Annûn! Eglerio!
Praise them!
A laita te, laita te! Andave laituvalmet!
Praise them!
Cormacolindor, a laita tárienna!
Praise them! The Ring-bearers, praise them with great praise!

[User Picture]From: ringlin
2010-03-25 05:57 am
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[User Picture]From: anoriel
2010-03-25 06:13 am
Sing all ye people!
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[User Picture]From: istimo
2010-03-25 02:53 pm
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[User Picture]From: hild_0
2010-03-25 03:29 pm
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